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I've wanted to write video game music for ages. I've been lucky enough to be involved in some fabulous projects and here you'll find an overview of my work to date, with samples taken from each soundtrack.

I'm always interested in hearing about exciting creative game ideas so please get in touch via the contact section if you'd like to find out more about a soundtrack for your game.

Incidental & ThemesIncidental & Themes


I’ve been lucky enough to have hooked up with a range of creative types in addition to game developers; from small film companies to vloggers and TV producers who’ve heard my videogames soundtracks, and who have asked me to provide theme and incidental music to accompany their work. Here is a selection of samples – I’m pleased to be able to say that there’s plenty more in the pipeline!



Whether it’s games or film; the inherent beauty in making these things is the ability to transport the viewer to a new world, to immerse their senses in an environment of the creator’s imagining – and music is essential to setting the scene, whether in the case of ‘Heroes’, a title theme taken from the still-in-development production from Evilized Games, or the moonlit magic of Judith Johnston and Nicola Welbourne’s charming animated short ‘Fangus the Were-baby’. Watch the full animation here

Division CellDivision Cell

Hyperspace Yard
December 2013

When Finnish developers Hyperspace Yard got in touch they presented a delicious challenge: to create a series of geometrically aligned themes with a range of ambiances to accompany each level of this minimalistic yet enchanting puzzle game.

Pickle FrenzyPickle Frenzy

Evilized Productions
September 2013

The latest wacky creation from Evilized came along in the second half of 2013 and after scoring for time-travelling monkeys, what else would you want to do to let off steam other than write a theme for a game in which you lob a pickle around a smorgasbord of colourful landscapes. To me the pickle felt Latin American, so it duly received a fiesta style soundtrack – with a guitar driven theme tune to set it all off.

Gun MonkeysGun Monkeys

Size Five Games
June 2013

Size Five Games released two-player fantasy combat ‘Gibbage’ in 2006, and during a break in programming The Swindle , BAFTA-winning indie game designer Dan Marshall reloaded this cult death match favourite - and Gun Monkeys was born.

**All tracks copyright Size Five Games**

BradParadigm Shift

Evilized Productions
April 2013

For Paradigm Shift, Evilized’s Ben Aprigliano created a menacing, immersive world in which you must find your way out of a devastated city, solving puzzles and avoiding bloodthirsty zombies along the way.

The soundtrack mirrors your struggle to escape the post apocalyptic aftermath of an explosion at a biochemical plant.

End My WorldEnd My World

Evilized Productions
May 2013

In End My World , you play ‘Bobo’, a cartoon boy who decides to leave his unhappy life behind by running away from home – unfortunately for him on the very day that the earth is hit by the biggest asteroid strike ever.

Your task is to stay alive long enough to fight another day, encountering a host of colourful characters along the way. This - to me - called for a bouncy yet lachrymose theme that would help keep your spirits up as you attempt to dodge the end of the world…

BradDeadly Rooms

Evilized Productions
February 2012

By the time I came to score Deadly Rooms, the penchant displayed by Evilized Productions’ Ben Aprigliano for pitting tragi-hero protagonists against terrifying, unforgiving environments was becoming crystal clear...

In Deadly Rooms, your character is either an abducted girl or a prostitute - I don't think it was ever clear which - who has to run around in an attempt to escape a brutal house of horrors that makes the Saw films look like a Bank Holiday jaunt to the Isle of Wight.

Stumble TumbleStumble Tumble

Evilized Productions
November 2011

When Evilized Productions’ Ben Aprigiliano suggested a character who spends the entire game as a near hapless victim of gravity, I was quizzical.

But as ever, the theme had to match the character's personality and exemplify the on screen action, hence why a common theme in both the main game track and the in-play music is one of falling.

Night TerrorNight Terrors

Evilized Productions
May 2011

A recurring theme in Evilized games seems to be diabolic, face-munching zombies trying their darndest to put a dampener on your day. IPersonally I've never really understood the fascination with zombies, but the game is great fun.

To succeed, you must avoid the attentions of a throng of lascivious, scantily-clad zombie ladies as they try and munch on your extraneous zones.

Tower of the DeadTower of the Dead

Evilized Productions
February 2011

The 'difficult second album'... In Tower of the Dead, some poor sap (who always reminds me more than a little of that character out of 'Twin World') has to jump around to navigate a ghastly dungeon and generally avoid lots of evil dudes who want to eat his head or something. And then, I presume, cackle demonically.

Sticky NickySticky Nicky

Evilized Productions
November 2010

Nicky is a hapless, boggle-eyed, gelatinous alien. Whether or not he is sticky I do not know. Certainly, his mission is clear - having crash-landed on an unfamiliar planet he must be guided past obstacles, avoiding jelly-hungry monsters to escape and return home.

This was my first ever game soundtrack, so even without its deceptive innocence and intergalactic faux-superhero charm, Sticky Nicky will always remain one of my personal favourites.

News Things!

Thursday July 4 2013

Gun Monkeys It's time. the future is now, and now is the future... multi award-winning developer Size Five Games has unleashed Gun Monkeys - a Procedurally–Generated, Physics-based, Online Deathmatch platform game.

In Gun Monkeys, players take charge of a modern-day power company. In the distant future, a catastrophic experiment into Perpetual Energy obliterates all human life, leaving the world choc-full of free-for-the-taking energy. Your job is to send a legion of pleasingly-expendable monkeys forwards in time to collect Power Cubes and return them to present-day, all from the comfort of your PC.

Watch the launch trailer, featuring The Actor Kevin Eldon here ( and get Gun Monkeys here (

Tuesday July 2 2013

Gun Monkeys

Following iTunes launch in May, Evilized Games has announced that epic point and click zombie fest Paradigm Shift is now available for PC via Desura.

A devastating explosion at a laboratory has released a dangerous biochemical into the environment and as apparently the sole survivor, you must make your way to safety.

Stunning artwork is accompanied by a soundtrack by British videogame composer David F Burrows, and the game also features the title track 'Butterfly', written and performed by Cast of Thousands.

You can download Paradigm Shift and start your battle to escape the ruined city here (


A selection of wonderful, talented, creative, lovely people with whom it has been my privilege to work...

Evilized ProductionsEvilized Productions
Netherlands-based creative games design studio. Producer of Paradigm Shift, End My World, Sticky Nicky, Brutal Billy and many more games for multiple platforms. Follow on Twitter @EvilizedGames

Size Five GamesSize Five Games
BAFTA-winning indie designer Dan Marshall makes the 'fifth size' of game. This includes the awesome Gun Monkeys as well as Ben There, Dan That and Time Gentlemen, Please. Purveyor of words and entertaining *banter*. Find Dan on Twitter @danthat.

Andy BurrowsAndy Burrows
Multi-instrumentalist, Radio 2 doyen and songsmith extraordinaire, from Scientists to Snowmen (and dogs), follow Andy around the world from the comfort of your own Twitter account @andywburrows

Angry CubeAngry Cube
Squaring the circle, cubing the sphere. Belfast-based web designer. Pretty damned good one at that. I mean, look around you. LOOK AROUND YOU. Follow them @AngryCubeDev

Paint the DarkPaint the Dark
Next Big Thing? You decide, obviously... Super band fronted by one Ben Burrows. Follow on Twitter @paintthedark

Turtle Canyon MediaTurtle Canyon Media
Turtle Canyon... very possibly a euphemism... Clayton. Laws. Saidi. Remember the names. Three of the most super and talented chaps you'll ever hope to meet making films with style, in style. Also look out for the dedicated 'Comedy Division' @turtlecanyoncom

Adam Foreman AKA A4ManAdam Foreman AKA A4Man
Visionary genius illustrator, designer and deco artist behind them kerr-razy Monkeys with Guns, among other things. Appreciator of Fine Things Aesthetic and Experiential. Follow his musings within the Twittersphere @AdsTra

Taylor WhaleyTaylor Whaley
Editor-in-chief of RegretZero, AOE2 addict, avid enjoyer of indie games and the games industry, Taylor runs a site jam-packed full of reviews and opinion that is the place to go for the latest news from across the games scene.

Just CarneJust Carne
Currently setting the London scene aflame, Carne is a gem of a bloke who runs a vlogging site all about videogames. Cheeky, chirpy and riven with infectious enthusiasm, he is guaranteed to remind you why you loved videogames in the first place. Follow him on Twitter @JustCarne

Hyperspace YardHyperspace Yard
Finland-based development studio made up of Visa-Valtteri Pimiä and Evgeni Gordejev who made Division Cell, a minimalistic puzzle game with geometrically beautiful procedurally generated levels and visuals.

Iancu TudorIancu Tudor
Tudor is a European iOS game developer and founder of Lovbl and Twodoor Games, makers of Dashing Knight. Frequently to be found waxing lyrical on all things games with partner in crime Sandy Gordon. Check out their Twitter-based videogame musings @Iancu_Tudor and @Bandygrass.


I'm always on the lookout for the next great game that requires furnishing with music, please contact me to discuss your soundtrack.